Gundam Rehab

Your Brain Can Be Yours Again

Gundam abuse can affect anyone

Are you or someone you know addicted to Gundam? Are your loved ones showing signs of Gundam addiction? There is hope! Let us help you come to terms with your or your loved ones Gundam addiction.

Signs of Gundam Addiction

Signs of Gundam addition include:
Sudden unexpected fluency in japanese phrases
Large sums of money going missing followed by packages arriving from Japan
Loss of friends and social standing
Inability to concentrate/Loss of attention span
An unending craving for other people’s neurochemicals
Phrases associated with Gundam abuse:
"Chasing the large metal robot dragon"
"Dropping mecha"
"Yo, I'm on that Gundam"

We Can Help

We here at Gundam Rehab can help treat Gundam addiction with a simple philosophy best summed up by this quote from our founder:

"Gundam isn't a real drug. It's just a joke I made up for a game jam. Why would you make a website about this? This is dumb." --Paul Graham (founder)

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